My Writing Partner. Every morning after his walk my writing partner Scout, gets into his bed ready for a hard day of listening to me read passages of texts to him. It’s a hard life. Writing Never the Twain took months of sitting at my computer and all through that time Scout was by my side. Scout is a rescue dog, a Patterdale terrier. I rescued him aged seven after he’d been picked up by the dog warden. He was kept at the RSPCA for the obligatory time but no one claimed him which was odd as he was house trained and very cute, I’m sure you will agree. At the time I had just given up teaching to run an Antiques and Collectables shop and to try my hand at writing novels. My lovely tabby cat Bertie, also a rescue, had just died from congenital liver failure and the cottage felt empty without an animal. Growing up my family had always had dogs so I was keen to have one of my own. As a full time teacher it wasn’t practical to have a dog; cats are much more independent and with the aid of a cat…
Never the Twain is finally published! It has been a long, but enjoyable journey. It is two years since I started writing the book and it came about as a sort of by product of another book I had started to write. A couple of years ago I gave up teaching to deal in antiques and collectables and to try my hand at writing; the writing quickly took over and after two years I gave up the shop too. My Constant Lady was my first attempt at writing a book, my first born as it were. What I hadn’t realised when I started writing was that the editing process took a lot more time than the actual story writing. As light relief from editing I began to write a story I called The Trouble with Twins. As I have mentioned in another blog post, twins run in my family so I wanted to write about twins. I came up with the idea of setting the book in late Victorian times as My Constant Lady is set in the 1760’s and I thought I would confuse myself if I wrote in the same time period. And besides, one of the th…
Never the Twain is published and people are buying my book! However if you are waiting for the paperback that won't be out until 30 th October. Please visit my website to purchase.

Never the Twain was featured in the Whitby Gazzette prior to the launch date so that was great publicity. Thank you to them.

 Any excuse for a party so we had a book launch at Settle's boutique style wine bar Sydney's. A good time was had by all. Thanks to Kay and her lovely staff for making it a special night.
Of course I had to have Gothic nails for the occasion.
I have just returned from Greece where it was 38 degrees.Imagine my disappointment when I landed at Manchester Airport to wind, rain and 18 degrees. As you can see from the photos the weather was perfect for sun bathing and al fresco dining. We were staying at Tolon which is about two hours from Athens. It is a beautiful spot. We also took a trip to Hydra and Spetses.
So now it is back to the type face and I am thrilled to tell you that Never the Twain is available to pre - order on Amazon . Hit that button!

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Jane Fenwick's new novel Never The Twain - a dark blend of Gothic romance and murder.

Published on Amazon and as a paperback on Monday 7th October 2019  Pre-order your copy now.